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2020 Tokyo Olympics and Spirit of Omotenashi


The venue of the 2020 Olympic Games was decided in Tokyo at the IOC general assembly that was held the other day.
It goes without saying that all of Japan was filled with joy.

One of the biggest reasons for the success of inviting the Olympics was the excellence of their final presentation.
Governor of Tokyo, Mr. Inose, said in the interview the success had been brought by the teamwork in which the Japanese royal family, sports athletes and the Prime Minister had collaborated in their appeal to the IOC to vote for Tokyo.

Above all, one word became a topic this time.
It is "おもてなし(Omotenashi)"explained in the presentation by Cristel Takigawa, who is a half Japanese and half French popular announcer born in Paris in France. Her speech was made in fluent French.

"Omotenashi" was translated into English as "Hospitality", but it might be slightly different from Japanese "Omotenashi".
Then, what is Japanese hospitality?

Its root may be derived from our traditional culture "Sado", the Tea ceremony. The spirit of "Sado" aims to become conscious of the words "Wabi" and "Sabi", to simplify all, be oblivious of trifle things, and be devoted to "Omotenashi".
A founder of Apple Inc, Steve Job's favorite phrase, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" is likely to be the best fit.
"Sado" culture was loved by the Samurai. Here, too, we can see "Bushido spirit"(samurai-hood) had a great effect on us who live in this modern world.

I think It was a very good selection that Christel Takigawa picked up the word "Omotenashi".
We would like to welcome everyone with the spirit of "Omotenashi" in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games striving for the safest and cleanest city in the world.