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Japanese moving costs lots of money!? What is “引っ越し貧乏 (moving poverty) ” ?

Essay 17 image. Japanese culture.  

Japanese moving costs lots of money. 
The moving expenses include "敷金(しききん)deposit", "礼金(れいきん) recompense or rewards " and "仲介手数料(ちゅうかい てすうりょう)brokerage fee" other than rent when one makes a contract for a room.
Also, the first month's rent would be paid for two months for many places.


敷金(しききん)Deposit: approximately one to three months of the rent.


This is the money left with the owner for cases when the resident damages the room or is behind with their rent.
If there is no problem when the resident moves out, the deposit would be returned.
(However, the total amount of what the resident had paid is rarely returned.)


礼金(れいきん) recompense or rewards : approximately one to three months of the rent.


Simply said it is money for the owner implying "thank you for lending us your room". It will not come back.
This came from the old custom in which the owner had the power and there were not many places to be rented after the Second World War, and recently, more places would not charge for it.


仲介手数料(ちゅうかい てすうりょう)Brokerage fee: usually for a month's rent.


It is the fee to pay the real estate agent who helps to find the room.
In Japan it is rare for the person who is looking for a room to contact the owner directly, and instead the real estate agency takes care of it. 


For example, when a person makes a contract for a room for the rent of 70,000yen (for the first two months), he pays a two month 敷金, two months' 礼金, a one month 仲介手数料, so get this, the person has to pay 420,000yen in total!
In addition to those, it costs nearly 500,000yen for the extra expenses of fire insurance and exchanging door locks and etc...
Moreover, the renter assumes the expense to pay for a removal company.
Japanese moving costs a great sum of money!


We call it "引っ越し貧乏(ひっこし びんぼう) moving poverty " for the people who lose most of the money that one had saved after moving.
The rent in big cities is so high that money would not last for repeated moving.
The room which does not charge any 敷金 and 礼金 becomes popular and the number of these rooms is increasing. 


I hope the cost of moving gets much cheaper in Japan.