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Sochi Olympics and a guy who stop snowing

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The 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia finished a few days ago. The Japanese team won 8 medals including one gold medal, which is the second most medals they have ever won after the Nagano Olympics in 1998.
Many exciting games and impressive dramas occurred, and an interesting rumor spread on the Internet in Japan.
"The warm temperature in Sochi and historical heavy snow over Japan were attributed to 松岡修造(Syuzo Matsuoka)??" 
The headline covered internet news sites and was shared on SNSs. 
Who is Syuzo Matsuoka? 

He was a famous tennis player before and is a popular sports commentator at present. And also, he is well known for being a very passionate person! 
The trailblazer of Japanese male tennis is sometimes called "the hottest-blooded guy in Japan" due to his passionate way of talking and overreactions. 
Since he left Japan to report on the Sochi Olympics, warm days have continued in Sochi. On the other hand, historical heavy snow fell all over Japan. Besides, it was the heaviest snowfall in 47 years, and he is 46 years old.
These curious points in common made internet users heat up, and at the same time many people who dislike cold winters hoped he would come back to Japan.
The most interesting thing is that many Japanese people understand the reason!

It is warm weather like spring today (26th March). 
Almost all of the Olympic players came back yesterday, and maybe he also did.
Of course on the Internet, you can see this type of comment "Syuzo Matsuoka brought the spring weather!" 
Good Job Mr. Syuzo Matusoka! Never leave Japan except for during summer!!